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 i'm being unrealistically ambitious. all the shows i've watched so far for the spring drama season are surprisingly enjoyable. after adding 'voice', tat makes like 6 dramas i intend to follow. ちょっと無理かな。。。

- ヴォイス ~命なき者の声~: i leave [livejournal.com profile] dark3princess to introduce the awesomeness tat is this drama bt forensic medicine.  and also, eita and TOMA who is forever forever DROOLWORTHY.  but the show is definitely more than tat, it strikes a wonderful balance betwn the sobriety and humour, and the cast is very well-assembled.  looks to be the one to leave the greatest impression for me :)

- メイちゃんの執事: this was originally not on my to-watch list, but then i saw the HORDES of イケメン in the promo pic, and 佐藤健 is in it, so... :p it's so unbelievably 梦幻 and SPARKLY and the guy who was nanba-senpai is so unbelievably dreamy ♥♥♥  shows like these are so mindlessly enjoyable ^___^

- 神の雫: this was gonna be loyalty-watching cuz it's a show starring a member of kat-tun.  but kame is surprisingly adorable in the drama, and i get to learn a little more bt wine & wine-related stuff, despite the rather unrealistic plot, and 雫 is written very much like my name, so i'm partial to it, lolz.

- 必殺仕事人2009: mabo. higashiyama.  OHKURA.  i rest my case XDDD  tho after 2 sp's and episode 1, i still have NO IDEA how ohkura's weapon can kill something, it's okay, as long as he looks cool doing it :p

- 歌のお兄さん: rite, at 1st, i wanted to watch it cuz, u noe, OHNO.  plus the whole concept kinda reminds me of 'school of rock'.  and then the credits came on and i realised tat the person in the dog suit next to ohno is RYUHEI!!!!  kyaaaaa~~~~~!!!!!  lolz.  omg both maru's have dramas this season!!  ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

- RESCUE~特別高度救助隊: okay, this is one is definitely NOT loyalty-watching.  it's nakamassu!  SO VERY VERY excited.  and i love these rescue dramas.  not coming soon enuff.

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Date: 2009-01-19 05:46 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] fairy-illusions.livejournal.com
Drama spam post~ YAY :D

Ah I saw a cap/pic spam of the forensics drama with Toma and Eita. I'm curious to watch it as well~

Haha I'm kind of just meh about the one with Hiro, but I'll probably end up watching that after finals as well~

I might not watch the wine drama with Kame. Doesn't interest me really.

I'm still getting into Kanjani8 atm. (I've wormed myself through Ryo-chan {duhhh}, Ohkura and Yoko. Care to tell me more? Maybe that'll pull me into watching Tacchon's drama)

DEFINITELY watching Uta no Oniisan. It just seems like such a funny concept (especially with Ohno as the "oniisan" lol) And yes! That was Maruyama. I was like "is that...yeah I think it is...oh wait. His name is right there!" lol

I'm about to fall off my seat waiting for RESCUE (I need massu-drama nooooowwwww!!! XD)

Spam. I know. I'm sorry un-chan~

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Date: 2009-01-21 03:44 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ununoriginal.livejournal.com
i jus watched the 2nd episode of 'voice' and i'm sold on the drama - definitely following it to the finish. it's not only eita and toma, but the group of 5 students have a wonderful chemistry tat lightens the feel of the show, but doesn't make it less touching :)

hissatsu is apparently an auntie/uncle's drama lolz. at least according to my jap teacher - but i like the element of mystery and the period costumes, and MABO and OHKURA. lolz. i guess it's not for everyone, tho the ratings aren't too bad.

i'm definitely following uta too! esp since it's ohno! and with ryuhei in it, SO WATCHING XDDD

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Date: 2009-01-19 06:36 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] dark3princess.livejournal.com
Yay! for this seasons' dramas:) Gah-so many though:P
I'm definitely watching Mei-chan's butler for Hiro and Takeru; I won't deny that, lol:)

I'm gonna wait and see what people say about Kame's drama, before I jump into it. Oh, and your name(or what looks close to it) looks pretty:)

Dunno how I feel about Ohkura's show...but he looks hawt lol:P

Ah, I haven't witnessed Ohno in action yet, so I'm gonna watch Maou first, before watching him in Oni-san. But, definitely giving it a shot, since Maru's in it too:)

Rescue is definitely a loyalty watch for me:) Nakamaru, Massu, and I think Kaname Jun:)

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Date: 2009-01-21 03:47 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ununoriginal.livejournal.com
omg HIRO and TAKERU. i DIED. MORE THAN 9 TIMES. lolz. d/l ep 2 now, VERY VERY HAPPY ^____^

the chinese character for my name doesn't figure in jap i think, so i think 雫 is the closest it gets :)

YES OHKURA is HOT, but the show prob isn't for everyone :p

ohno in maou vs oni-san is very different - but then u kinda see the range of his acting. it's a little strange seeing him animated tho, cuz he's usually so blank and blur :p

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Date: 2009-01-21 06:47 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] dark3princess.livejournal.com
Ahh, your name still looks cool though:)
Mine is this: 芳, I think it might translate as Kiba or Kaoru..maybe?

Hm...gotcha *nods*

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Date: 2009-01-22 03:15 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ununoriginal.livejournal.com
芳's still a nice kanji :) i think it's kaoru. kiba would mean like 'teeth', ne XDD

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Date: 2009-01-22 08:48 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] dark3princess.livejournal.com
haha-my middle name is Fang too, so in terms of teeth, that would mean I have two fangs-a vampire! haha j/k:P

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Date: 2009-01-24 12:39 am (UTC)


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