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i jus spent over an hour re-watching over and over a particular 4 min of the vid clip of kat-tun's appearance on hey!x3 to promote 'one drop', ostensibly to practice my japanese, but if this doesn't demonstrate my love for them, i dunno wat does :p

this, after jin announces during qop's mc tat koichi came to one of their dome performances, and kame appears on koichi's weird program and does a silly manzai-skit with him, gives me hope like nothing else for a kt appearance on doumoto kyoudai *continues to fervently hope and pray*

[translation of talk segment on hey!x3 090902, where kat-tunkame talks bt his experiences as a backdancer to kinki and jin is politically correct]

hama-chan: (kat-tun) was formed to perform with koichi-kun.

kame: kat-tun was 1st formed because koichi-kun needed a back-dancing unit.

hama-chan: so tsuyoshi had nothing to do with it?

tsuyoshi: *deadpans* essentially, i had nothing to do with it.

the hosts say something funny but unimportant.

koichi: in that show, i had my own corner, and during that time, i would have various performances--

matsumoto: *slyly to kat-tun* so were u guys like treated badly or harassed by koichi?

hama-chan: *mischievous look* yeah, like some unpleasant past?

kame: *grinning cutely, and i MEAN cutely* i don't think we ever had any discord or feuding.

hama-chan: *doesn't give up* maybe you didn't have any, but maybe (the others) had *starts pointing at jin and other members, who all start laughing & shaking their heads* so how about it, the other members?

jin: *very PC* on the contrary, i think we gave him a lot of trouble. *other members nod in agreement XDD*

hama-chan: uwaa~ u goody-goody type!

matsumoto: u goody-goody!

koichi: *smiling and nodding approvingly* ne~!

a horribly embarrassing video clip (for all parties involved) of when kat-tun 1st made their tv appearance is aired, to the moans and groans of koichi and kat-tun. the studio fans scream at the adorable chibi-kat-tun while koichi and most of kat-tun watch stoically. ueda, on the other hand, observes the clip in seeming fascination, like he's viewing a car wreck tat has nothing to do with him. after it finishes airing...

hama-chan: so how was that *or something to that effect*

jin + nakamaru: that was so weird / awkward! *other members nod in agreement*

hama-chan: haha, tat was incredible... so what's this? there was a mistake with the drinks?

kame: we were always back-dancing for kinki kids, so we would do things like bring them their drinks...

hama-chan: oh, so you did that?

taguchi: *in the one and only time he opens his mouth on air* yes, on stage.

kame: yes, on stage. when i brought the drink over, (he would) drink it and go, 'hn, nope, it's the wrong one'...

hama-chan: so who said that to you?

kame: that was... koichi-san...

the host and audience get in a mini-uproar and the hosts pretend to be sorry for kame.

hama-chan: how can you say 'it's wrong' to kame, it should be 'thanks!'

kame: usually water and *some other kind of drinks?* have been prepared--

matsumoto: i see, i see.

kame: so there would be circumstances like these where i got the drink from a staff member--

hama-chan: ah, like 'here, hold this'.

kame: yes, like 'here, hold on to this'.

matsumoto: ah, so u're told to hang on to it.

kame: so then i'll be like 'eh~~?!' *cutely stamps foot and looks around in fake fluster*

kinki grin indulgently from their seats.

koichi: i don't remember this at all!

kame: and then... i was also responsible for helping with the costume-changes.

hama-chan & matsumoto: i see, i see.

kame: for koichi-kun, the way i had to prepare was *stands up and sticks out his arms behind him* and so his arms went in and i pulled it up over his shoulders *mimics putting on the jacket for koichi* as for tsuyoshi-kun--

hama-chan: oh look! here it comes!

tsuyoshi breaks out in a 'wtf' smile XDDD & mumbles something i still can't make out after 10 repeats.

kame: i just have to give (the outfit) to him.

hama-chan: ah! i see...

kame: and then he'll say 'thanks' (and put it on himself) *mimics the action* but once in a while, he'll also do this *sticks his arms out behind him* and i'll be like 'he doesn't want to be given the outfit today!' *pretends to fumblingly unfurl the outfit*

everyone laughs while tsuyoshi smiles embarassedly.

koichi: he should just say so, ne?

hama-chan: yeah, just say so!

tsuyoshi: but being on this sort of duty is really quite nerve-wracking. i was in charge of (helping) kimura-kun--

koichi: that time was *?stressful*, ne!

tsuyoshi: yes, it got *?stressful*

matsumoto: oh, was that so?

tsuyoshi: kimura-kun might say, 'at this interval of this song, when i do this, then come forward (so i can change)', (and i'll be like) 'yes, alright', but i'll be very nervous, cuz when our senpai get hyped-up, although they say to come forward at 'this' signal/gesture, they'll be times when they don't make the gesture, so i'll keep standing there holding the outfit...

everyone in the studio bursts in laughter, and the hosts say something in this clamour which is beyond my ability to decode.

kame: yes, now that we (kat-tun) have people helping us with our outfits, we also have times when we tell them one signal/gesture and then do a different one.

matsumoto: yeah, you might end up doing that, ne.

koichi: yes, we've all been stressed by this *i'm guessing tat's wat he says, wtf kansai-ben*

there's still a fair bit to go where nakamaru talks bt how he's very impressed with and really wants to see this comedy performance group, gamarjobat, tat have been winning awards at art festivals the world over and then the 2 performers do a mini-skit, which is really really cool, and then hama-chan wonders how many digits is their fee for performing on hey!x3 (lolz!) and then nakamaru gets to do a collaboration with them and he is ALSO AMAZINGLY AWESOME. it's so definitely a blatant attempt to promote maru cuz of his drama but HE DEFINITELY RISES, SLIDES, AND DROPS TO THE OCCASION XDDD lolz! such a talented boy ♥

now for pics of them being reunited mwahahaha!!!!


and i remain a superficial sucker for jin with his silly smiles and weird expressions and ridiculous hair :p

interesting vocabulary...

嫌(いや)がらせする = being nasty/annoying, connonation of harassment
「。。。に嫌がらせされた = being treated nastily / being harassed (by someone)」

過去(かこ) = the past
「嫌なんの過去 = unpleasant past」

確執(かくしつ) = discord / feud
「確執は無かったと思います = (i think) there was no feud/discord」

優等生(ゆうとうせい) = honour student; a goody-goody type

気持(きも)ち悪(わる)い = gross / weird / awkward

間(ま)違(ちが)う = make a mistake/blunder
「ドリンク間違った = made a mistake with the drinks」

用意(ようい)する = (make) preparations for / prepare for
「用意されてるんです = is being prepared for」

気分(きぶん) = feeling / atmosphere

着(き)せる = to help dress / put on, to assist in dressing
役割(やくわり) = duty, function
「洋服を着せる役割 = duty of assisting in putting on costumes」
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