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2013-11-03 03:52 am


the only things the world at large will miss are my fangirl posts over je idols, slash, and the like.  please leave a comment if for some reason, u have a burning desire to have a look at wat i flail over :)
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2009-04-28 12:15 am


i resisted 'rookies' for the longest time. i had it on my hard drive for months, but it din't seem like i was ever going to touch it. cuz the moment i started on episode 1, i knew tat THIS was going to happen. 'ルーキーズ' is a sports drama about the trials and tribulations of a bunch of juvenile delinquents who reform their high school baseball team and bring it to greater heights, under the encouragement and faith of their gokusen-like teacher/coach. the drama won a shitload of awards at japan's television drama academy awards last year - best actor and best supporting actor, best drama, best theme song (greeeen seems to specialise in those), best drama. it even made it all the way to the asian television awards as highly commended in the best drama series. it deserves every single accolade.

i was VERY disciplined until around... episode 5 or 6 when my finger drifted to the screencap button. and tat was it. i kinda never looked back :p

so here we have the TEAM.

キミをあいしてる )

i still have the 2-hour sp to watch.  but in the interests of both my health and my patients' welfare, i shall leave tat, and my takeru picspam to another day :p
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2009-04-10 03:26 pm
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天作美, 人作孽

once again, i'm unexpectedly impressed by the incisiveness of taxi driver uncles and their philosophy. at 11.35 am todae, i left home to brave the causeway back to jb for the long weekend. sadly i din't realise the implications of returning home on a public holidae. it's now 3.30 pm, and it's been only 15 min since i stepped into the door. i'm sticky, my neck is achey, and my brain quite a blank, so i shall zone and vent and jus generally complain bt my govt until i garner enuff energy to go take a bath.

this time round, the horror started at the singapore side of the immigration checkpoint. after clearing customs, i came down the escalator to find the ENTIRE SPACE where all the bus bays are being filled, like TOTALLY FILLED, with people. at tat point, the f-word went thru my brain like 13473450 times. normally, tat's not such a big issue, but now tat the stupid jb checkpoint is like MILES away, it takes one 45 min to walk across on foot. at noon, under the blazing sun, with a bag tat's like 5 kg, NOT a good idea.

so i decided to join one of the many queues tat was all over the place - when i asked the last person in the queue which bus they were lining up for, they were like I DON'T KNOW TOO. so WATEVER, i jus lined up. after much pushing and shoving while the queues merged and emerged, it was like being in... i dunno, indonesia or mumbai or something... i finally managed to force myself into the 170 line. i was probably lucky, tho i kept having to contend with a trio of 'ah lians' tat kept trying to creep in front of me - BITCHES.

by the time we entered the maze tat was the beginning of the jb checkpoint, everyone was probably baking inside the bus and we were going along at the same speed as those poor wretches walking outside, and internally we were like subaru in the above icon.

when i got a cab home, i was readily sharing my fed-up'ness with the taxi driver uncle who was totally in agreement. crossing the causeway each time makes me feel like my country is going down the drain.

and NOW my dad tells me the OLD checkpoint may possibly be reopened to allow pedestrians and buses to pass thru. WHY THE FUCK DID THEY NOT DO THIS SOONER AND SPARE US ALL THIS FUCKING GRIEF????
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2009-03-10 07:15 pm

letter ~to you who is fifteen~

rec'd by [livejournal.com profile] praghufanfic -  a really great song :)  (translation is my own, no guarantees on accuracy :p)



拝啓 この手紙読んでいるあなたは 幸せな事を願います )
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2009-03-05 09:50 pm
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the world loves me and i love the world

5th of march will go down in the ANNALS of history as the FUCKING BEST DAY of the year.

no more loud sex, pplz! )
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2009-02-16 09:04 pm
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rock craze enka

stolen from [livejournal.com profile] karanguni:

1st, there came the word...

Blog-Word! for ununoriginal
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Created by Grahame
and haiku variations...

Haiku2 for ununoriginal
rock craze enka was
something for old ppl something
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Haiku2 for ununoriginal
jin with his silly
smiles and weird expressions and
ridiculous hair
Created by Grahame
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2009-02-03 08:32 pm


i jus spent over an hour re-watching over and over a particular 4 min of the vid clip of kat-tun's appearance on hey!x3 to promote 'one drop', ostensibly to practice my japanese, but if this doesn't demonstrate my love for them, i dunno wat does :p

this, after jin announces during qop's mc tat koichi came to one of their dome performances, and kame appears on koichi's weird program and does a silly manzai-skit with him, gives me hope like nothing else for a kt appearance on doumoto kyoudai *continues to fervently hope and pray*

[translation of talk segment on hey!x3 090902, where kat-tunkame talks bt his experiences as a backdancer to kinki and jin is politically correct]

ホラ来た!!! )
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2009-02-01 02:46 pm
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yesterday i watched 《华丽上班族之生活于生存》, written by and starring 张艾嘉 and 郑元畅。 i would be lying if i said 郑元畅 din't influence my decision in any way at all :p  definitely the idea of getting to watch 张艾嘉 perform in the flesh piqued my interest, but 郑元畅 definitely sealed the deal lolz.  the storyline isn't anything spectacular, essentially chronicling how a strong-willed career-driven woman climbs her way to the top by hook or by crook and the sacrifices she makes, and makes of others, along the way. at the end tho, i won't deny it gave me a few chills cuz even tho i'm not really ambitious, it is possible to see myself in a position years down the road, fairly senior but wondering wat u gave up for it.  life doesn't end at 40, hey?

the set and the sound was amazing tho, and tat's wat left the greatest impression on me, apart from 张艾嘉's amazing stage presence - playing the central role of winnie the ceo, u dun realise how petite she is until she comes out with the rest of the cast to take her final bow.  as the boss, she really did seem to tower over the rest :)  and 郑元畅 was better than i thot - his role as tat of a himbo so totally suits him and he's very adorable like tat.  the casting was a definite stroke of brilliance, showcasing actors tat can pull in a wide range of audience.  and the thing i liked best was tat it was so much funnier than i expected.

definitely an enjoyable evening ^___^
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2009-01-26 07:28 pm

my grandma is a fangirl

cny's are usually quiet at my place, but this year is quieter than most cuz of my dad's condition.  even then, i have completely let go and BINGED the whole day - i have not been so filled with crappy food in months lolz. 

i have also been making decent headway into the dvd's tat i bought in preparation for this highly-anticipated break (there was a series of tween chick flicks where the slightly-less-bitchy lead actress triumphs over the other bitches, and you don't mess with the zohan, which was totally hilarious), but in the middle of the x-files movie (and here i must pause to go... KYAAA~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!! cuz mulder/scully is like one of the extremely rare, one-in-a-million het pairings tat i ship so i am thrilled bt the movie for this alone lolz), i had to stop cuz the 小娘惹 cny special is on and my grandma HAS to watch it.

5 min into the show, the host is still talking and everyone is still on set and i turn to grandma and tell her, 'there's no show leh, only the cast talking.'  and she's like, 'yeah la, it's a cny special mah,' and my sis chips in with, 'yes, it's behind-the-scenes.' 

and it hit me.  it TOTALLY hit me.


omg i finally see tat it's all in the genes.  i see the SOURCE of the fangirlism in me XDDD

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2009-01-23 10:00 pm
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let it be told to the future world

years in the future, i can tell my children's children, i was witness to this moment.

they understood that our power alone cannot protect us, nor does it entitle us to do as we please. )
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2009-01-19 07:58 pm

couch potato をめざして

 i'm being unrealistically ambitious. all the shows i've watched so far for the spring drama season are surprisingly enjoyable. after adding 'voice', tat makes like 6 dramas i intend to follow. ちょっと無理かな。。。

- ヴォイス ~命なき者の声~: i leave [livejournal.com profile] dark3princess to introduce the awesomeness tat is this drama bt forensic medicine.  and also, eita and TOMA who is forever forever DROOLWORTHY.  but the show is definitely more than tat, it strikes a wonderful balance betwn the sobriety and humour, and the cast is very well-assembled.  looks to be the one to leave the greatest impression for me :)

- メイちゃんの執事: this was originally not on my to-watch list, but then i saw the HORDES of イケメン in the promo pic, and 佐藤健 is in it, so... :p it's so unbelievably 梦幻 and SPARKLY and the guy who was nanba-senpai is so unbelievably dreamy ♥♥♥  shows like these are so mindlessly enjoyable ^___^

- 神の雫: this was gonna be loyalty-watching cuz it's a show starring a member of kat-tun.  but kame is surprisingly adorable in the drama, and i get to learn a little more bt wine & wine-related stuff, despite the rather unrealistic plot, and 雫 is written very much like my name, so i'm partial to it, lolz.

- 必殺仕事人2009: mabo. higashiyama.  OHKURA.  i rest my case XDDD  tho after 2 sp's and episode 1, i still have NO IDEA how ohkura's weapon can kill something, it's okay, as long as he looks cool doing it :p

- 歌のお兄さん: rite, at 1st, i wanted to watch it cuz, u noe, OHNO.  plus the whole concept kinda reminds me of 'school of rock'.  and then the credits came on and i realised tat the person in the dog suit next to ohno is RYUHEI!!!!  kyaaaaa~~~~~!!!!!  lolz.  omg both maru's have dramas this season!!  ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

- RESCUE~特別高度救助隊: okay, this is one is definitely NOT loyalty-watching.  it's nakamassu!  SO VERY VERY excited.  and i love these rescue dramas.  not coming soon enuff.
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2009-01-18 08:09 pm
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do u see the bust?

nicked from [livejournal.com profile] anamuan's latest post - interpreting hybrid images.

dali's one of the very few modern artists tat i like cuz i've always found his paintings 'challenging' in tat respect - one sees details within details, or the hidden under the obvious, and sometimes wat one perceives as 'obvious' is 'hidden' to another viewer.

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2009-01-16 07:55 am
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yesterday i dreamt tat after my promotion, my pay was actually doubled.  i got really excited bt all the things i could do with tat $$, which i was sharing with my mom in the dream.

then i woke up.


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2009-01-11 04:31 pm
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2009-01-04 10:43 pm
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bow down before the flaming thunderbolt

lolz.  and one of our fav deities is 济公 too.  why am i not surprised? :p

'A sense of humour, even mischief, runs through Bhutanese Buddhism, whose earthy exuberance differs sharply from the ethereal calm of the better known Theravada Buddhism.  The profusion of deities and demons can leave other Buddhists dazed.  Sexual imagery also abounds, reflecting the tantric belief that carnal relations can be the gateway to enlightenment.  Nobody embodied this idea more provocatively than the 16th-century lama Drukpa Kunley, better known as the Divine Madman, who remains a beloved sain in much of Bhutan.  Carousing across the countryside, Kunley slew demons and granted enlightenment to young maidens with the magical powers of his "flaming thunderbolt".  To this day, many Bhutanese houses are adorned with his sign of protection: an enormous painted phallus, often wrapped in a jaunty bow.'

----brook larmer, from 'bhutan's enlightened experiment', national geographic

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2009-01-03 12:47 pm
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nothing promotes unity more than grumbling against a common cause

now i'm back in jb, for the 1st time since my dad's whole saga, so i had to take the 平民 route, ie. via bus and foot, once i hit the woodlands checkpoint.  thus, i have once again experienced the marvel that is my govt's civil engineering and architectural planning. 

the new jb immigration checkpoint, to borrow a word from [livejournal.com profile] misticloud, is amazing - incredibly, ridiculously, F**KING AMAZING. 

it takes massive numbers of vehicles and tapers them all thru a bottleneck, and the bottle in question has the most convoluted hairpin turns, so maybe it's not so much a bottleneck so much as a bottle-INTESTINE. 

this theme is also repeated for the foot traffic, where the pedestrians, once clearing the customs and heading at least 50 m down one direction to the far side of the building, are then required to make a u-turn thru a random opening in the partition so that we can make our way back across the ENTIRE width of the building, across the railroad, all 5 lanes of the road, before entering city square on LEVEL 3.  the process brings one across 2 travellators where ppl are incapable of standing to one side when they don't feel like walking, down 2 escalators and up again into the shopping centre.  and THEN i need to make my way down 3 storeys to the taxi stand at ground level.

if this all sounds damn complicated, tat's because it BLOODY IS.  a simple linear flow has been converted into a distance 3 times its sensible length and takes at least 4 times longer the duration to traverse.  it's obviously been designed by individuals smug in their certainty tat they will NEVER have to pass thru this DISGRACE of a terminal.  

or maybe it's their way of sticking up their middle finger at their neighbours of higher socioeconomic status when these neighbours come visit and punishing those industrious citizens of their own who have crossed over to the other side in search of a better living.
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2008-12-23 10:26 am
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meme nicked from [livejournal.com profile] trivialaffair:

the flickr meme

1. answer each of the questions below using
flickr search.
2. choose a photo from the first three pages.
3. copy the url of your favorite photo into this site:
4. then share with the world.

1. first name
2. favorite food
3. hometown
4. favorite colour
5. celebrity crush
6. favorite drink
7. dream vacation
8. favorite dessert
9. what i want to be when i grow up
10. what i love most in the world
11. one word that describes me
12. my livejournal name

my pretty pretty mosaic :) )

lolz, tat was pretty fun, only for no.1 i couldn't get my 1st choice cuz the poster opted out of biglabs, and for the last one - there are NO PICS under my username, so i had to use the one for my writing journal instead.  oh well :)

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2008-12-17 11:55 pm
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morning could not possibly come sooner

having watched 'twilight', about 3 things i am absolutely positive:

first, robert pattinson makes an ugly vampire.

second, there is a part of me, and i definitely know how very dominant that part is, tat thirsts for the director's blood.

and third, the behaviour and reactions of the fangirls in the audience were unconditionally and irrevocably more entertaining than the actual movie.

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2008-12-07 06:51 pm


haha, i was telling my fren tat i could buy 4-D with the last 4 digits - tat, or i'll specify the number plate of my hypothetical future car to be this number :p 

YES. YES. YESYESYES. I DID IT.  i whacked 10 km!!!!  86 min!!!!  not the best of times, but definitely better than i expected, considering my previous maximum was 5.3 km at 50 min.  lolz!   my fren and colleague and i all finished within a minute of each other, but it was SO PACKED WITH PPL 49,997 other nutty ppl also participated as well we couldn't find each other.  the padang needs to change its name to like the 'lumpur' cuz it was jus OOZING with MUD and on a hilarious side note, i jus realised tat my country's capital city is actually called the 'city of mud' THIS IS SO TYPICAL

i definitely couldn't have done it without heaps of help and support tho :)  for one thing, if my fren nat hadn't suggested it, i wouldn't even have attempted, and subsequently realised i COULD run tat far a distance.  and all the physio colleagues who helped me pick my running shoes and gave me tips on properly wearing them, taught me stretches and corrected my posture, and helped to mobilise and crack my back and neck to relieve my aches and pains :p 

and lastly, but still equally importantly, it's really thanks to エイト ^___^  to 関ジャニ∞ for kickstarting the run with me, to yasu and 'わたし鏡’ for re-galvanising me after the 1st hour, to ryo and his 'heavenly psycho' for sustaining me and to subaru and 'ONE' for bringing me across the finishing line :)


それでもただ前に進まなければ )