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 i'm being unrealistically ambitious. all the shows i've watched so far for the spring drama season are surprisingly enjoyable. after adding 'voice', tat makes like 6 dramas i intend to follow. ちょっと無理かな。。。

- ヴォイス ~命なき者の声~: i leave [livejournal.com profile] dark3princess to introduce the awesomeness tat is this drama bt forensic medicine.  and also, eita and TOMA who is forever forever DROOLWORTHY.  but the show is definitely more than tat, it strikes a wonderful balance betwn the sobriety and humour, and the cast is very well-assembled.  looks to be the one to leave the greatest impression for me :)

- メイちゃんの執事: this was originally not on my to-watch list, but then i saw the HORDES of イケメン in the promo pic, and 佐藤健 is in it, so... :p it's so unbelievably 梦幻 and SPARKLY and the guy who was nanba-senpai is so unbelievably dreamy ♥♥♥  shows like these are so mindlessly enjoyable ^___^

- 神の雫: this was gonna be loyalty-watching cuz it's a show starring a member of kat-tun.  but kame is surprisingly adorable in the drama, and i get to learn a little more bt wine & wine-related stuff, despite the rather unrealistic plot, and 雫 is written very much like my name, so i'm partial to it, lolz.

- 必殺仕事人2009: mabo. higashiyama.  OHKURA.  i rest my case XDDD  tho after 2 sp's and episode 1, i still have NO IDEA how ohkura's weapon can kill something, it's okay, as long as he looks cool doing it :p

- 歌のお兄さん: rite, at 1st, i wanted to watch it cuz, u noe, OHNO.  plus the whole concept kinda reminds me of 'school of rock'.  and then the credits came on and i realised tat the person in the dog suit next to ohno is RYUHEI!!!!  kyaaaaa~~~~~!!!!!  lolz.  omg both maru's have dramas this season!!  ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

- RESCUE~特別高度救助隊: okay, this is one is definitely NOT loyalty-watching.  it's nakamassu!  SO VERY VERY excited.  and i love these rescue dramas.  not coming soon enuff.


Dec. 7th, 2008 06:51 pm
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haha, i was telling my fren tat i could buy 4-D with the last 4 digits - tat, or i'll specify the number plate of my hypothetical future car to be this number :p 

YES. YES. YESYESYES. I DID IT.  i whacked 10 km!!!!  86 min!!!!  not the best of times, but definitely better than i expected, considering my previous maximum was 5.3 km at 50 min.  lolz!   my fren and colleague and i all finished within a minute of each other, but it was SO PACKED WITH PPL 49,997 other nutty ppl also participated as well we couldn't find each other.  the padang needs to change its name to like the 'lumpur' cuz it was jus OOZING with MUD and on a hilarious side note, i jus realised tat my country's capital city is actually called the 'city of mud' THIS IS SO TYPICAL

i definitely couldn't have done it without heaps of help and support tho :)  for one thing, if my fren nat hadn't suggested it, i wouldn't even have attempted, and subsequently realised i COULD run tat far a distance.  and all the physio colleagues who helped me pick my running shoes and gave me tips on properly wearing them, taught me stretches and corrected my posture, and helped to mobilise and crack my back and neck to relieve my aches and pains :p 

and lastly, but still equally importantly, it's really thanks to エイト ^___^  to 関ジャニ∞ for kickstarting the run with me, to yasu and 'わたし鏡’ for re-galvanising me after the 1st hour, to ryo and his 'heavenly psycho' for sustaining me and to subaru and 'ONE' for bringing me across the finishing line :)


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so there are like a million dramas i've d/l sitting on my hard drive and the backlog could keep me stuck on a couch for a couple months straight, but the 1st thing i do is watch 「ありがとう、オカン」. oh, subaru, it seems like i so haven't gotten over u yet.

so i don't noe if it's cuz of the flu meds, or tat i miss the place, or if the show was really tat touching, but i was bawling, BAWLING my eyes out the entire 90 min of the show. like, seriously. it couldn't have been worse if i was pregnant and hormonally-fluctuating. i've always been a sucker for parent-child shows tho, and i guess as i get older, i become better able to see things from my parents' pov.

osaka on my mind )

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back in the halcyon days of my j-rock craze, enka was something for old ppl, something totally out of my realm of experience.  it wasn't tat it was bad, jus something i completely din't relate to.  even until recently, my definition of enka was something from the time of my parents.  then kanjani8 came along with their modern enka, and i was hooked.  a website i came across defined enka as 'songs of sweet resignation - resignation has to be sweet for it to be endurable', and it suddenly made a lot of sense.

cuz as one gets older, one ends up against various inexorable truths of life.  when one leaves home, leaves school, enters society, starts work, many of the illusions one has bt life and what it has to offer get gradually stripped away.  it doesn't mean u lose ur dreams, jus tat they become more shaped by the harsh realities of adulthood.  yet, in spite of all these disappointments, despite all those days when all u wanna do is curl up in a ball and never leave ur room, u still have to put on ur game face and brave the world out there.  and altho at the beginning of the day, u think it's impossible, tat u'll never make it - somehow, somehow, u always make it to the end of the day.  and so many of my fav eito's songs are all about tat, about not giving up in the face of uncertainty and adversity, about how it's alrite to break down at times, about the importance of the loved ones around u and how u support each other, about jus moving forward, about having faith tat u'll find a way, somehow.


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'last friends' is officially the BEST drama of the year.  so wat if the year hasn't even passed its halfway mark yet, i'm 99% certain tat there will be no other show tat can come close to it for the next couple years.  a gem like this only comes once in a while.  the last time i felt so strongly for a drama was 'nobuta wo produce' and 'anego' - and even then, it was mitigated by the akamepi presence.  here all we have is ryo being the sorta anti-hero, and the ot3 to end all ot3's.

to pimp it even further... the show started out with fair ratings (around 13-15%) but shot up and the final episode hit 22.4% ratings in japan, which is pretty incredible imo for a non-gokusen type show tat features alternative r/ships and has a rather morbid and depressing side.  there's a special set to air next week, announced even b4 the show ends - tat's how good it is.

watch it.
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one day in the future, i'll rewatch this whole drama, and it will still be as beautiful and painful as ever.  i also found out the hard way tat ep 10 is NOT the final episode but it's def the most tear-jerking episode so far. 

愛と死 )

ueno juri and ryo jus DAZZLE with their performances.  i read somewhere tat ueno juri was at the risk of being typecast as the ditzy girl-next-door, but this role of hers definitely smashes all these preconceptions to bits.  ryo is jus utterly amazing as well, and no, i dun think i'm lowering my standards jus cuz he's a johnny's boy - tho i will concede tat i prob dun dislike sousuke as much cuz i have a total soft spot for a cute guy shedding tears.
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episode 9 of 'last friends' ended on the worst fucking cliffhanger EVER!!!!!  this is why i tend to avoid watching shows tat are still airing - the instant-gratification part of me jus can't stand it!  urgh!  thank god there's only a couple more days till the final episode airs, and tat i delayed watching this recent episode until todae.  imagine how pissed i'd be if i'd watched it last fri.

another aspect which makes me like this drama is also the way it plays up the 'observer' perspective.  the 5 main characters have, at one time or another, adopted this role, in which they look at their frens or counterparts from the 'outside' - so when u see the other characters thru them, not only do u see the events unfold, but also their perception and reaction to them, coloured by the underlying complexity of their own emotions.  there's a certain degree of 表里不一 here tat i reckon is very characteristic of life and human nature.

ryo continues to be uber-scary as the psychotic sousuke, while takeru and ruka continue being my ideal and woman respectively.  even michiru is bucking up and gaining a backbone.  the final episode is still TOO. DAMN. FAR. AWAY 
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todae is vesak day, the only public holidae, apart from cny, tat my family officially observes.  we dun really do much, basically we jus go to where the buddhist association has set up (or a temple, whichever is more convenient) and we pour 'holy water' over a statue of the baby buddha, then we're done and we go for lunch in a vegetarian restaurant :p

the 'bathing' of the baby buddha symbolises a cleansing - not of my sins, i think - but of the harmful/unhelpful emotions/desires tat reside within me: of envy (when i already have so much) which breeds resentment; of frustration , impatience and its ensuing anger; of an aimlessness tat manifests in reluctance and procrastination.  it's symbolic, but incredibly, it seems to have an effect, tho tat could also be due to other factors, like getting to be with my family after a long while, catching up with my sis, ventilating with my mom on the ridiculously long car ride back across the causeway (we were stuck for 3 hours!).

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ryo continues to stun me in the recent-est episode of last friends.  having refused to watch [1リットルの涙], noeing tat it would make me horribly depressed, i've only read of - but not actually witnessed - ryo's acting prowess.  he probably had like 10 minutes (?) of air time in this episode, but damn, he was the one tat left the greatest impact. 

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it's official.  i am completely hooked on last friends, despite it being a far cry from the fluff of my regular j-dorama fare.  admittedly, i was drawn in cuz i was intrigued tat ryo would be in the role of an abusive bf - so not the image one would have of a johnny's entertainer.  but 3 episodes in, i think the casting person made a good choice in picking him - his acting is the tony leung type, where they can convey all their desperately-repressed-yet-so-close-to-overflowing emotions with a look or a gesture.  his character also seriously creepy/scary, unstable, totally 表里不一 and there is definitely a back story which they will prob not reveal for another 4 episodes.

but the best thing bt this show is how it makes me ponder.  it deals with fairly heavy themes, a main one which is domestic violence in contemporary society.  the latest episode really drove in the point that there are many forms of abuse, and i reckon the worst thing bt these twisted mind games some ppl play in the name of love is when one party emotionally blackmails and controls the other by harming oneself, thus racking up the guilt index and forcing the abused party to stay in the vicious cycle of the r/ship. 

and tat is jus ONE aspect of the drama tat's activated my reflective brain :p  i usually dun like these 'serious' shows cuz considering the type of work i'm already in, i really dun need to see the dark side of society further.  but sometimes they really do show u things tat push u to reflect on the world tat we live in, to debate bt things and learn more bt urself, in a way.

all tat, and of course, the theme song is KILLER ^_~
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it's drama season in japan again!  and for once, i think i'm hooked on a 'serious' drama, as opposed to the regular, manga-based fluff tat i'm so enamoured with (even prodai wasn't tat realistic, hey).  ラスト・フレンズ (last friends) is definitely not something i would watch if i jus saw the synopsis, if not for the fact tat ryo is in the drama.  moreover, it seems to be a role tat even a few years back would not be something a johnny's entertainer would be allowed to take on.  i tot he was scary, which must mean he did pretty well.  also, the final kissing scene of the 1st episode. 

japan must have evolved if they can now show such things on prime-time television.
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Hello, Mr.Traveling Man



Hello, Mr.Traveling Man

Hello, Mr.Traveling Man 

Traveling Man...

----渋谷すばる, 'mr. travelling man' (on SC Premium 061217)

(when they speak of 天籁之音, they were definitely talking bt him.)
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色は匂えど散りぬるを  花开溢香,然而不日也会凋谢; 
我が世谁ぞ常ならむ   我世之人生又岂有终此不变? 
有为の奥山今日越えて 如今将超越此生,渡无常之深山, 
浅き梦见し酔ひもせず  速从浅梦中醒来,莫沉迷。 


另外歌曲中一直在用的口白“ハア エンヤコラセノ ドッコイセ”也是河内音头的特色,每首曲子里都会有,很像吆喝声,其实是拟声语,比喻白浪滔天、险阻重重的大海。



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