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cny's are usually quiet at my place, but this year is quieter than most cuz of my dad's condition.  even then, i have completely let go and BINGED the whole day - i have not been so filled with crappy food in months lolz. 

i have also been making decent headway into the dvd's tat i bought in preparation for this highly-anticipated break (there was a series of tween chick flicks where the slightly-less-bitchy lead actress triumphs over the other bitches, and you don't mess with the zohan, which was totally hilarious), but in the middle of the x-files movie (and here i must pause to go... KYAAA~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!! cuz mulder/scully is like one of the extremely rare, one-in-a-million het pairings tat i ship so i am thrilled bt the movie for this alone lolz), i had to stop cuz the 小娘惹 cny special is on and my grandma HAS to watch it.

5 min into the show, the host is still talking and everyone is still on set and i turn to grandma and tell her, 'there's no show leh, only the cast talking.'  and she's like, 'yeah la, it's a cny special mah,' and my sis chips in with, 'yes, it's behind-the-scenes.' 

and it hit me.  it TOTALLY hit me.


omg i finally see tat it's all in the genes.  i see the SOURCE of the fangirlism in me XDDD

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having watched 'twilight', about 3 things i am absolutely positive:

first, robert pattinson makes an ugly vampire.

second, there is a part of me, and i definitely know how very dominant that part is, tat thirsts for the director's blood.

and third, the behaviour and reactions of the fangirls in the audience were unconditionally and irrevocably more entertaining than the actual movie.

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《海角7号》果然名不虚传 - 看完了神清气爽,让人突然想去海边吹吹那咸咸的海风,看着日出日落,等待彩虹的出现。


当梦的天行者 )

当太阳再次回到那飘着雨的国境之南 我会试着把那一年的故事 再接下去说完 )
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this morning was a comedy of errors the less said about the better, and the following workday wasn't tat fantastic either.  but things definitely picked up after tat. 

watched wanted, which was mainly cuz of the trailer where angelina jolie languidly contorts her body to dodge oncoming trailers and underground tunnels, and also, the curving bullets :p  now it's my fav movie of the year!  it's not the most intellectual movie, nor deep, nor does it really tug at ur heartstrings, but man, does it cater to one's destructive id.  for destressing, fantasing about telling the boss to fuck off, whacking tat irritating colleague, and getting ur own back for every slight tat was ever done to u, this movie does WONDERS to the repressed and resentful soul.

plus the scene where james mcavoy (and god is he cute in tat nerdy peter parker fashion) crashes the textile factory is the coolest thing since neo and trinity did it (i mean the shoot-out) in 'the matrix'. it goes without saying tat angelina jolie was a GODDESS - for her, i would really swing the other way.  the other movie this one reminds me of is 'fight club', with its similar fuck-the-drudgery-of-this-mindless-life theme, and its ideas of taking control back,  a really nice fantasy to destress to ^___^

then i came back home to find tat the lift upgrading at my block is finally complete!  i can now take the lift all the way to my floor!!  tat was actually the most exciting part of my evening, lolz, trying out the new lift.   today, i finally bid farewell to over 2 years of climbing up and down stairs and traversing the long corridors past other ppl's abodes.
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rite, recently work sucks, and tho i can't exactly say i have no life, i do get VERY LITTLE SLEEP. 

but todae, despite the horribly stressful work situation, i shall focus instead on the brighter aspects of my life - like how i scored nearly full marks on my recent jap test despite the last-min study (thank you kat-tun, doumoto brothers & johnny's ent in general :p), tat i got to watch more of the brilliant matsuyama ken'ichi in L: change the world (he has L down COMPLETELY, and can totally emote intensely with like NO expression); and today, i watched one of the fun-nest shows ever - the dash!, featuring tokio, an old j-pop band i've known since my jc days :)

果然,姜还是老的辣 ^_^
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omg for once an entry tat isn't jap or johnny's-related!

caught american gangster with my frens late this eve and was TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY!  the movie had me from the 1st scene, and altho there were so many fantastic things bt the film, if i had to choose, there would be 2 words:

russell. crowe.

i'm not a fan of the man, but as an actor, he has been phenomenal, at least in all the movies i've seen of him.  both his and denzel's washington's characters are bundled with contradictions, living in worlds where everything is grey and there seems to be no true justice.  they are so vastly different, yet at their core are strangely similar, like 2 sides of a coin, and the scene where they finally meet was so amazingly powerful. it will stay in my mind for a very long time.

there really are many other aspects of the film tat were brilliant, like the setting, how it was filmed to give it tat dated 70's feel, the fantastic songs, lines like, 'i don't think they really want us to stop them (the drug dealers)... it supports too many people... if we actually did it, a hundred thousand people would be out of a job...' or something liddat.

i could go on and on, but it's better for ppl to jus see for themselves how incredible this movie is.  definitely one of the best this year, and we're only 10 days into it :)
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if one asked me last week why i'm watching プロポーズ大作戦」, i'd say it was for yamapi's effing good looks, but one episode in and i was completely hooked.  it's romance with a twist, inseparable frenship eroded by time and growing up, regrets and not living in the past.  apart from yamapi, whose iwase ken must be his best role since kusano akira in 野ブタ。をプロデュース, the rest of the cast were also fantastic actors, and their subplots really reinforced the main themes of the drama.  i cried buckets watching it, which was totally cathartic, and the theme song itself is beautiful :)

ah well, wat would life be without pretty pictures and kick-ass stories, hey?  and dun forget, the music, omg the music!!





Oh,Baby. No,maybe.

Oh,baby. You're maybe.
抱きしめて One more time.


微笑みよ もう一度だけ

Why,baby? Oh,tell me.

Oh,baby. You're maybe.
くじけそうな Feeling
乗り越えて One more chance.

I take to myself

Oh, baby. No,maybe.

Oh, baby. Smile baby.


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altho i'm sure i must have said this b4, 头文字D is like OMG one of the coolest movies EVAH!  it's like POTC1, one of those shows where i can keep re-watching and still find it as fun every single time.  and tho i'm still ambivalent bt jay chou's acting ability as a whole - the role of takumi was like totally made for him.  plus '一路向北' is one of his best songs ever!  and on a side-note, jay chou as takumi never fails to reminds me inexplicably of a fren and ex-colleague of mine who is ironically also a jay chou fan (tho maybe not anymore) - 酷酷, and a little bo-chap, and very my-pace.  lolz!
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with ref to the entry on 22/3, MAN can i whinge.  LOLZ!  看到自己写的东西都忍不住要笑了... reading chuck klosterman's 'this is emo' essay (which in tribute i shall probably type out and place as an entry here) has given me an insight into my ideas and concepts i have towards romance/intimacy.  and i think it is mostly SPOT-ON.  he manages to articulate the mindset with which i view romantic r/ships. which can actually be a sense of relief or totally scary, depending on how u look at it.  in a sense, it could be said tat this complete and total enthusiasm i have for the mass media and the entertainment industry has ruined my life (or more like, my love life, cuz i more or less like the other parts of my life, thx very much), since i am essentially using it as a baseline from which i construct my (generally hypothetical) romances.

and if u bring tat to a deeper level, since we're in the era of information overload, where everything is basically mtv'ised, from love, violence, family, friendship, work, play, spirituality, basically the entire fucking way one leads one's life -- then how do i noe tat wat i think is wat i think?

i guess it's pretty much impossible to think tat ur thots belong solely to urself, and the pinnacle of egocentrism is to really believe tat u came up with some idea all by urself, as meryl streep so eloquently points out in her put-down of anne hathaway's fuddy-duddy sweater in the devil wears prada.  however remote and unconnected it may seem, there's a link there - the flap of a butterfly's wings and all tat jazz.

yet it could still be tat one absorbs these ideas floating out there in the ether, and assimilates or recombines it into one's own, so altho it's a mish-mash of old ideas, yet it's something supposedly new?... ... ... it's all becoming confusingly circular, and i've managed to puzzle myself into blur-ness.

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weekends back in jb usually follow a set routine - gaming, movies, current affairs mags on the porcelain throne, repeat.  guess i'm not back often enuff for it to devolve into mundane boringness.  apart from engrossment with final fantasy XII, which i shall elaborate on when i FINALLY complete the game, i went thru a fair list of movies!

leading the war against 'counter'-terrorism )
on this day in october 2007... )
haven't u ever felt like jus suddenly breaking into song? )
so cool to be wicked )
well, i'm sorrie, but pumpkin isn't going to be sitting at the back of the bus anymore. )
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...was how johnny depp's earl of rochester described himself in the libertine, one of the wittier films i've watched this year.  and altho he declares rite at his 'prologue' tat 'u will NOT like me', at the end of it all, i reckon i still do.  

if johnny wilmot is the wittiest character of his period, then igby slocumb must be one of the best post-millennium.  igby goes down has some of the best lines EVAH, and kieran culkin has totally redefined my impression of the talents of his family.   in a totally unrelated segue, he and daniel radcliffe, for some inexplicable reason, look uncannily alike...

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cool dance movies tat make u jus want to - or more like, HAVE to - groove to the beat :p

- take the lead: hiphop and hot sexy latin dance moves.  and the highlight!  tango a trois!
- dirty dancing 2: havana nights: anything with diego luna is bound to be enjoyable :p  and yay salsa!
- save the last dance: classical ballet made less classical and infinitely cooler with hip hop moves :p  
- step up: one of the best ensemble dances like EVAH; the sum of 'cheem' art school dancing and freeform hip hop moves becomes more than its parts.  r we noticing a trend here?...  and channing tatum is one talented guy.

- the libertine: ok, this film has absolutely nothing to do with dance, jus everything to do with johnny depp at his in-your-face, go-against-the-grain, dysfunctional-yet-eminently-lovable best.
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caught death note yesterdae - a movie i was pretty excited about cuz of all the hype bt the manga.  however, it was a 2-hour build-up to... nothing!  the premise is of course very interesting, but it feels like scriptwriters were merely going thru the motions - there's no 'oomph' to the film.  i kept waiting for something horrible or suspenseful to happen, but all i got was tons and tons of exposition.  altho now i noe there is apparently a 2nd part to this movie coming out in nov, i'm of 2 minds whether i will pay good $ to see it in the theatre anymore.

it wasn't really all bad tho, to be fair, jus kinda like the movie-version of 'the da vinci code', jus not... very... exciting.  but i liked 'l' - have a soft spot for weird geniuses who wear eyeliner and can pre-empt ur every move... almost :p

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jus watched the departed (yay! matt damon!) this evening, and i reckon it's a good thing i haven't watched 无间道 for a damn long time, cuz it left me with the impression tat the americanised version of the movie is actually pretty damn good.  (lolz, all the profanity has seeped into my language)  i guess in truth, ppl who haven't watched the original would be very impressed, but for someone who HAS watched it and thot it was the most brilliant thing to have ever come out of hk this side of the millennium, the new version did fall slightly short.  

maybe it was the angle martin scorcese was coming from; or maybe tat's always the result when u take a film tat works on allusions and subtleties and make it not-so-subtle - bottom line is, i definitely liked it, but somehow, i still have reservations bt exactly how good the actors/plot/director was... weird.  

the only thing i'm VERY sure of is tat 梁朝伟 is still the BEST!!!
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movies are at their bestest and coolest when not only do they impress u with their cool effects or savvy plotlines, but when they inspire u to go learn more about the topic they were dealing with, as evidenced by cheong-gun, aka 'heaven's soldiers'. altho the plot itself is a bit wacky, i like tat it dares to show the us for the bully tat it is, and also for introducing the great admiral yi sun-sin to me :) i never thot i would be one of those ppl who wanna watch 三国演义-like shows where it's all about the battles, but i SO wanna watch the korean drama they made about him :p thanks to this movie, now i noe a little bit more about korean and japanese history. yay cheong-gun!! ;)

George Alexander Ballard (1862–1948), a vice admiral of British Royal Navy, complimented Admiral Yi's winning streaks by the Battle of Hansando highly:

"This was the great Korean admiral's crowning exploit. In the short space of six weeks [actually about 9 weeks, May 7, 1592 – July 7, 1592] he had achieved a series of successes unsurpassed in the whole annals of maritime war, destroying the enemy's battle fleets, cutting his lines of communication, sweeping up his convoys, imperilling the situation of his victorious armies in the field, and bringing his ambitious schemes to utter ruin. Not even Nelson, Blake, or Jean Bart could have done more than this scarcely known representative of a small and cruelly oppressed nation; and it is to be regretted that his memory lingers nowhere outside his native land, for no impartial judge could deny him the right to be accounted among the born leaders of men." (The Influence of the Sea on The Political History of Japan, 57p)

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and kudos to the person who wrote this.

excerpt... 人生若只如初见,这大概是这部戏中所有角色的愿望吧。影片结尾处二人高高跃起,画面定格,仿佛在场所有人都隐去了,天地间只剩下二人,再也不去想曾经的伤,曾将的痛,以及曾经给与他们伤痛的人,宫廷外的喧嚣渐渐隐去,轻快的鼓声从田间传来,孔吉和张生以及他们的伙伴们,自由的敲鼓吟唱,这对于他们来说,就是美丽人生。而对于我们观众来说,这一幕却带来如决堤泛滥河水般的哀伤,这伤感不是来自于戏中不可捉摸的爱情,而是一种对于追求自由人生的共鸣。哀伤之余,却又有一分隐隐的期待,就像是香消梦冷,残花落尽之时,仍然肯信来年别有春色,这一种哀而不伤的感情,最是美丽,也最是幽幽绵长。这也是这部影片赚得许多眼泪的缘故罢.
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yes, evidently i'm still on my 'king and clown' kick - to the extent tat i spent the whole morning reading tiny chinese characters on the screen.

天地大杂亭,千古浮生都是客。 芙蓉空艳色,百年人事皆如花。 )

plus more praise for lee joon ki.
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i knew going in tat watching the king and the clown was gonna be bad... bad in the sense tat i would be bawling at the end of the movie, tat i would be totally wrecked for lee jun ki, tat i'd be moping over the tragic beauty of it long after the final scene has faded to black.

jus a few things, cuz there are other ppl, like [profile] coldcrab, who can say it so much better, and with pictures too ;) lolz! and while trawling for more pics of the movie and his bishounen-ness, i came across this article in english (finally!) analysing the success of the movie.

ok, now, the only reason i can think of for NOT SEEING THIS MOVIE UNTIL NOW was cuz i was ensconced far away down under, apart from decent asian civilisation for an entire year, otherwise my yaoi-loving soul could not possibly stand for it.

from here on out, it's jus mad ravings, random rantings and way too much swooning and drooling ;p )
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v for vendetta must be one of the most political films i've seen. being the superficial apolitical creature tat i am, i was initially drawn to it more by the thot of hugo weaving being v, which he did wonderfully, and the fact tat it was supposed to be based on comic book.

of course, turns out it's a departure from the original storyline, jus like 'silent hill', but i guess tat should be, cuz there're some things tat one can do on paper tat jus doesn't translate as well into celluloid. i like the use of the language in the film tho, the power of the words, and it's a testimony to the actors' enunciation tat i caught virtually every line despite it being delievered in a british accent at often rapid-fire speeds. (lolz, watch me channel my brit vocab now :p)

setting aside the violence in the movie, there's a lot of thot-provoking stuff in it, at least for me. those images of riots, marches and protests - it seems like they're things tat have only ever happened in the past, like 'i have a dream' and tiannanmen. do we see such things nowadays? no, but does tat mean most ppl are satisfied with their govt? i doubt it, but i guess we're less inclined to get off our asses nowadays to do something about it.

it feels like humanity and society as a whole has been getting progressively more and more sedated, bombarded by all the little distractions pumped out by the media - too caught up in the mundanity of our lives, chasing after the illusory creature comforts advocated as the symbols of success.

when one puts too much stock into such luxuries, they get promoted from necessities to needs. and tat's when one becomes too fearful of losing them. in tat aspect, i think the world still hasn't changed - many govts still control by fear. it's jus tat their methods have become more and more subtle throughout the centuries - from outrite executions to the covert spread of 'big brother'-like surveillance.

the best scene in 'bowling for columbine' imho was the interview with marilyn manson, where he dissed television/media for doing nothing but bombard their audience with images (ads, news, etc) tat inspire fear - it made perfect sense to me (watch it and u'll noe wat i mean). 'v for vendetta' jus demonstrates it more plainly - how the govt can control the media which in turn controls us really, no matter how much we'd like to think we're free of their influence.

in the film, v asked evey, 'is tat wat u think? or wat they want u to think?' and sometimes, when i ask myself tat question, i'm not very sure at all.

arrr redux

Jul. 14th, 2006 10:50 pm
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after the initial knee-jerk reaction which i swear is INEVITABLE by the time u get to the end of POTC:DMC, i have to say a few good words about it.

i like to wave at them as they pass me by... )

i also watched the fast and the furious: tokyo drift very distractedly last weekend, and the best thing bt it was the soundtrack. it SO can't compare to the original TFATF with vin diesel.

speaking of which, anybody who thinks tat vin diesel can do nothing but action movies (which he is damn good at, my god, he is SO kakkoi!) have to see find me guilty. it's vin diesel as u've never seen him b4, and u'll realise tat the man def has acting chops. despite it's light-hearted tone, it's quite a morally grey movie, but vin diesel so brings jackie dinorscio to life. i'm so glad i finally got the dvd, esp since i missed it when it was doing its run. watch!!