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rite, recently work sucks, and tho i can't exactly say i have no life, i do get VERY LITTLE SLEEP. 

but todae, despite the horribly stressful work situation, i shall focus instead on the brighter aspects of my life - like how i scored nearly full marks on my recent jap test despite the last-min study (thank you kat-tun, doumoto brothers & johnny's ent in general :p), tat i got to watch more of the brilliant matsuyama ken'ichi in L: change the world (he has L down COMPLETELY, and can totally emote intensely with like NO expression); and today, i watched one of the fun-nest shows ever - the dash!, featuring tokio, an old j-pop band i've known since my jc days :)

果然,姜还是老的辣 ^_^
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i'm fulfilling a long-awaited dream.  as of yesterdae, i'm breathing in japanese air and stepping on japanese soil - for someone who's been into jap culture for over a decade, it's kinda like pilgrimaging to mecca, lolz!  these past 2 days, i've been exploring osaka city itself, and it's been FANTASTIC!!

the subways & populace:  is grouped together, cuz there's too many of either, and it makes things equally confusing, lolz!  navigating around the subway and train lines is definitely an art in itself.  the different lines have trains of different-coloured carriages, they have a female-only carriage, and there are ads plastered everywhere.  it seems to be a main theme of japan, everywhere u turn, one can see an ad, actually, SEVERAL ads.

'interesting' architecture/infrastructure: in total, i've seen 2 ferris wheels and a roller coaster, rite in the middle of the city... on top of buildings even.  the roller-coaster is actually opposite my hotel, and i can hear it when it operates...  my room is TINY, like REALLY tiny, but it has a tv and air-conditioning, and i have access to jap tv programming, so i'm satisfied - i watched a prog where the special guest was kimura takuya, so i'm really satisfied :p  on the other end of the timeline, i've visited osaka castle, an ancient jap stronghold, complete with moat and various baileys, beautiful gardens & a very informative museum where i learnt bt a very interesting aspect of japanese history. 

shopping & eating: there's heaps of places to explore for those 2 - umeda, namba, shinsekai... from the sophisticated down to the mom-and-pop shops, it feels like i'm walking around in one of the jap dramas tat i always watch... and i love the vending machines!  those ubiquitous vending machines, with their huge variety of drinks.

tml, i end my budget hotel stay, which has been a great experience in itself, and go to my fren's place for the rest of the trip.  we'll be going on to nara, where i can feed the deer!!


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