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i resisted 'rookies' for the longest time. i had it on my hard drive for months, but it din't seem like i was ever going to touch it. cuz the moment i started on episode 1, i knew tat THIS was going to happen. 'ルーキーズ' is a sports drama about the trials and tribulations of a bunch of juvenile delinquents who reform their high school baseball team and bring it to greater heights, under the encouragement and faith of their gokusen-like teacher/coach. the drama won a shitload of awards at japan's television drama academy awards last year - best actor and best supporting actor, best drama, best theme song (greeeen seems to specialise in those), best drama. it even made it all the way to the asian television awards as highly commended in the best drama series. it deserves every single accolade.

i was VERY disciplined until around... episode 5 or 6 when my finger drifted to the screencap button. and tat was it. i kinda never looked back :p

so here we have the TEAM.

キミをあいしてる )

i still have the 2-hour sp to watch.  but in the interests of both my health and my patients' welfare, i shall leave tat, and my takeru picspam to another day :p
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 i'm being unrealistically ambitious. all the shows i've watched so far for the spring drama season are surprisingly enjoyable. after adding 'voice', tat makes like 6 dramas i intend to follow. ちょっと無理かな。。。

- ヴォイス ~命なき者の声~: i leave [livejournal.com profile] dark3princess to introduce the awesomeness tat is this drama bt forensic medicine.  and also, eita and TOMA who is forever forever DROOLWORTHY.  but the show is definitely more than tat, it strikes a wonderful balance betwn the sobriety and humour, and the cast is very well-assembled.  looks to be the one to leave the greatest impression for me :)

- メイちゃんの執事: this was originally not on my to-watch list, but then i saw the HORDES of イケメン in the promo pic, and 佐藤健 is in it, so... :p it's so unbelievably 梦幻 and SPARKLY and the guy who was nanba-senpai is so unbelievably dreamy ♥♥♥  shows like these are so mindlessly enjoyable ^___^

- 神の雫: this was gonna be loyalty-watching cuz it's a show starring a member of kat-tun.  but kame is surprisingly adorable in the drama, and i get to learn a little more bt wine & wine-related stuff, despite the rather unrealistic plot, and 雫 is written very much like my name, so i'm partial to it, lolz.

- 必殺仕事人2009: mabo. higashiyama.  OHKURA.  i rest my case XDDD  tho after 2 sp's and episode 1, i still have NO IDEA how ohkura's weapon can kill something, it's okay, as long as he looks cool doing it :p

- 歌のお兄さん: rite, at 1st, i wanted to watch it cuz, u noe, OHNO.  plus the whole concept kinda reminds me of 'school of rock'.  and then the credits came on and i realised tat the person in the dog suit next to ohno is RYUHEI!!!!  kyaaaaa~~~~~!!!!!  lolz.  omg both maru's have dramas this season!!  ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

- RESCUE~特別高度救助隊: okay, this is one is definitely NOT loyalty-watching.  it's nakamassu!  SO VERY VERY excited.  and i love these rescue dramas.  not coming soon enuff.
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the subbed version of 「流星の絆」 is STILL downloading, and doesn't look to be ready till tml, so in the meantime, i entertained myself with 「 ブラッディ・マンデイ 」, starring miura haruma, which i have great affection for ever since gokusen 3 ^___^ flailing over nino+ryo aside, i was VERY EXCITED to learn tat haruma got his own drama as well, and also, i seriously love hacker plotlines.

since the drama is supposedly based on something very similar to '24', i guess ppl who've watched '24' might not find it so novel, but since i've never watched a single episode of '24' in my life, i was very impressed with the way it was filmed and the urgency permeating it - when they said the pace of the show would be 1.5 times tat of a normal drama, they so definitely meant it. i am still reeling from its effects. and also from getting to see haruma's pretty face for the past 1 hr and 35 min :p

i like, i LIKE very much :) also, the theme song, the band singing it, and their new single are pretty awesome ♥


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