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yesterday i watched 《华丽上班族之生活于生存》, written by and starring 张艾嘉 and 郑元畅。 i would be lying if i said 郑元畅 din't influence my decision in any way at all :p  definitely the idea of getting to watch 张艾嘉 perform in the flesh piqued my interest, but 郑元畅 definitely sealed the deal lolz.  the storyline isn't anything spectacular, essentially chronicling how a strong-willed career-driven woman climbs her way to the top by hook or by crook and the sacrifices she makes, and makes of others, along the way. at the end tho, i won't deny it gave me a few chills cuz even tho i'm not really ambitious, it is possible to see myself in a position years down the road, fairly senior but wondering wat u gave up for it.  life doesn't end at 40, hey?

the set and the sound was amazing tho, and tat's wat left the greatest impression on me, apart from 张艾嘉's amazing stage presence - playing the central role of winnie the ceo, u dun realise how petite she is until she comes out with the rest of the cast to take her final bow.  as the boss, she really did seem to tower over the rest :)  and 郑元畅 was better than i thot - his role as tat of a himbo so totally suits him and he's very adorable like tat.  the casting was a definite stroke of brilliance, showcasing actors tat can pull in a wide range of audience.  and the thing i liked best was tat it was so much funnier than i expected.

definitely an enjoyable evening ^___^
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jus came back from my most expensive theatre outing ever - ian mckellen in 'king lear' - but it was totally worth it! fortunately, i did my homework and read the play with explanations+++ beforehand, cuz shakespeare def spoke a different english from me. tat, coupled with the past 3 months' experience of watching jap interview clips, have prepared me for coasting along with only grasping the main gist of the story.

still, it was GOOD, with a superb cast and a powerful ending. and of course, 3-&-half hours of why sir ian mckellen is great :)

tat i got to see them brought to life... )
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back from a double whammy of play and concert, and though titoudao left quite a fair bit to be desired, especially when compared back to the other 歌台-related show i watched last month - 《暗恋桃花源》,which was in a different league entirely - tokyo ska paradise SO rocked!!  

i'm not really a ska fan, and i get a bit wary of instrumental music, cuz anything without lyrics has a tendency to put me to sleep.  so in hindsight, it's rather unexpected tat i'd go watch a band i noe absolutely nothing about, based on a cool-looking poster tat i caught sight of in passing.

one of the better decisions i've made tho! *v-sign*  i was totally into the music by the 3rd song, and the band infuses meaning into the phrase 'speaking to each other thru their instruments', they were so seamless, it was kinda like i could virtually see their conversation, the banter, thru the music.  practically the entire hall was on their feet by the end, theirs is a sound tat jus makes u wanna move!

ironic that the performance that i was ambivalent about turned out to be the more enjoyable one by far.  an hour and 15 minutes was definitely not enuff :)
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hot on the heels of my current infatuation with all things taiwanese (in terms of entertainment, tat is :p), i watched 《暗恋桃花源》, a play tat must have been one of the best i've ever seen.  the most enjoyable thing bt it must be tat this new version of the play (which has been around since the 1980's) is tat they incorporated the taiwanese opera (歌仔戏), and the 桃花源 part was mostly done in 闽南语 - the physical comedy, the humourous banter, and the fantastic chemistry betwn the actors was totally captivating!  i so hope it will come around to be staged here again, this play is one i can definitely get 2nd helpings of :)


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