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once again, i'm unexpectedly impressed by the incisiveness of taxi driver uncles and their philosophy. at 11.35 am todae, i left home to brave the causeway back to jb for the long weekend. sadly i din't realise the implications of returning home on a public holidae. it's now 3.30 pm, and it's been only 15 min since i stepped into the door. i'm sticky, my neck is achey, and my brain quite a blank, so i shall zone and vent and jus generally complain bt my govt until i garner enuff energy to go take a bath.

this time round, the horror started at the singapore side of the immigration checkpoint. after clearing customs, i came down the escalator to find the ENTIRE SPACE where all the bus bays are being filled, like TOTALLY FILLED, with people. at tat point, the f-word went thru my brain like 13473450 times. normally, tat's not such a big issue, but now tat the stupid jb checkpoint is like MILES away, it takes one 45 min to walk across on foot. at noon, under the blazing sun, with a bag tat's like 5 kg, NOT a good idea.

so i decided to join one of the many queues tat was all over the place - when i asked the last person in the queue which bus they were lining up for, they were like I DON'T KNOW TOO. so WATEVER, i jus lined up. after much pushing and shoving while the queues merged and emerged, it was like being in... i dunno, indonesia or mumbai or something... i finally managed to force myself into the 170 line. i was probably lucky, tho i kept having to contend with a trio of 'ah lians' tat kept trying to creep in front of me - BITCHES.

by the time we entered the maze tat was the beginning of the jb checkpoint, everyone was probably baking inside the bus and we were going along at the same speed as those poor wretches walking outside, and internally we were like subaru in the above icon.

when i got a cab home, i was readily sharing my fed-up'ness with the taxi driver uncle who was totally in agreement. crossing the causeway each time makes me feel like my country is going down the drain.

and NOW my dad tells me the OLD checkpoint may possibly be reopened to allow pedestrians and buses to pass thru. WHY THE FUCK DID THEY NOT DO THIS SOONER AND SPARE US ALL THIS FUCKING GRIEF????
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5th of march will go down in the ANNALS of history as the FUCKING BEST DAY of the year.

no more loud sex, pplz! )
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yesterday i watched 《华丽上班族之生活于生存》, written by and starring 张艾嘉 and 郑元畅。 i would be lying if i said 郑元畅 din't influence my decision in any way at all :p  definitely the idea of getting to watch 张艾嘉 perform in the flesh piqued my interest, but 郑元畅 definitely sealed the deal lolz.  the storyline isn't anything spectacular, essentially chronicling how a strong-willed career-driven woman climbs her way to the top by hook or by crook and the sacrifices she makes, and makes of others, along the way. at the end tho, i won't deny it gave me a few chills cuz even tho i'm not really ambitious, it is possible to see myself in a position years down the road, fairly senior but wondering wat u gave up for it.  life doesn't end at 40, hey?

the set and the sound was amazing tho, and tat's wat left the greatest impression on me, apart from 张艾嘉's amazing stage presence - playing the central role of winnie the ceo, u dun realise how petite she is until she comes out with the rest of the cast to take her final bow.  as the boss, she really did seem to tower over the rest :)  and 郑元畅 was better than i thot - his role as tat of a himbo so totally suits him and he's very adorable like tat.  the casting was a definite stroke of brilliance, showcasing actors tat can pull in a wide range of audience.  and the thing i liked best was tat it was so much funnier than i expected.

definitely an enjoyable evening ^___^
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cny's are usually quiet at my place, but this year is quieter than most cuz of my dad's condition.  even then, i have completely let go and BINGED the whole day - i have not been so filled with crappy food in months lolz. 

i have also been making decent headway into the dvd's tat i bought in preparation for this highly-anticipated break (there was a series of tween chick flicks where the slightly-less-bitchy lead actress triumphs over the other bitches, and you don't mess with the zohan, which was totally hilarious), but in the middle of the x-files movie (and here i must pause to go... KYAAA~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!! cuz mulder/scully is like one of the extremely rare, one-in-a-million het pairings tat i ship so i am thrilled bt the movie for this alone lolz), i had to stop cuz the 小娘惹 cny special is on and my grandma HAS to watch it.

5 min into the show, the host is still talking and everyone is still on set and i turn to grandma and tell her, 'there's no show leh, only the cast talking.'  and she's like, 'yeah la, it's a cny special mah,' and my sis chips in with, 'yes, it's behind-the-scenes.' 

and it hit me.  it TOTALLY hit me.


omg i finally see tat it's all in the genes.  i see the SOURCE of the fangirlism in me XDDD

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yesterday i dreamt tat after my promotion, my pay was actually doubled.  i got really excited bt all the things i could do with tat $$, which i was sharing with my mom in the dream.

then i woke up.


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now i'm back in jb, for the 1st time since my dad's whole saga, so i had to take the 平民 route, ie. via bus and foot, once i hit the woodlands checkpoint.  thus, i have once again experienced the marvel that is my govt's civil engineering and architectural planning. 

the new jb immigration checkpoint, to borrow a word from [livejournal.com profile] misticloud, is amazing - incredibly, ridiculously, F**KING AMAZING. 

it takes massive numbers of vehicles and tapers them all thru a bottleneck, and the bottle in question has the most convoluted hairpin turns, so maybe it's not so much a bottleneck so much as a bottle-INTESTINE. 

this theme is also repeated for the foot traffic, where the pedestrians, once clearing the customs and heading at least 50 m down one direction to the far side of the building, are then required to make a u-turn thru a random opening in the partition so that we can make our way back across the ENTIRE width of the building, across the railroad, all 5 lanes of the road, before entering city square on LEVEL 3.  the process brings one across 2 travellators where ppl are incapable of standing to one side when they don't feel like walking, down 2 escalators and up again into the shopping centre.  and THEN i need to make my way down 3 storeys to the taxi stand at ground level.

if this all sounds damn complicated, tat's because it BLOODY IS.  a simple linear flow has been converted into a distance 3 times its sensible length and takes at least 4 times longer the duration to traverse.  it's obviously been designed by individuals smug in their certainty tat they will NEVER have to pass thru this DISGRACE of a terminal.  

or maybe it's their way of sticking up their middle finger at their neighbours of higher socioeconomic status when these neighbours come visit and punishing those industrious citizens of their own who have crossed over to the other side in search of a better living.


Dec. 7th, 2008 06:51 pm
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haha, i was telling my fren tat i could buy 4-D with the last 4 digits - tat, or i'll specify the number plate of my hypothetical future car to be this number :p 

YES. YES. YESYESYES. I DID IT.  i whacked 10 km!!!!  86 min!!!!  not the best of times, but definitely better than i expected, considering my previous maximum was 5.3 km at 50 min.  lolz!   my fren and colleague and i all finished within a minute of each other, but it was SO PACKED WITH PPL 49,997 other nutty ppl also participated as well we couldn't find each other.  the padang needs to change its name to like the 'lumpur' cuz it was jus OOZING with MUD and on a hilarious side note, i jus realised tat my country's capital city is actually called the 'city of mud' THIS IS SO TYPICAL

i definitely couldn't have done it without heaps of help and support tho :)  for one thing, if my fren nat hadn't suggested it, i wouldn't even have attempted, and subsequently realised i COULD run tat far a distance.  and all the physio colleagues who helped me pick my running shoes and gave me tips on properly wearing them, taught me stretches and corrected my posture, and helped to mobilise and crack my back and neck to relieve my aches and pains :p 

and lastly, but still equally importantly, it's really thanks to エイト ^___^  to 関ジャニ∞ for kickstarting the run with me, to yasu and 'わたし鏡’ for re-galvanising me after the 1st hour, to ryo and his 'heavenly psycho' for sustaining me and to subaru and 'ONE' for bringing me across the finishing line :)


それでもただ前に進まなければ )
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i'm like 7.5 hours away from the most impressive thing imo tat i will be doing this year... altho getting my eyes exposed to laser comes a very close second lolz.  but tat one was more of jus lying back and letting the dr do his thing, but this will take determination, perseverance, and an entire jent concert for me to get thru :p  altho technically, i haven't managed to run all 10 km yet, so it will be more of a half-jog-half-walk thing, but still - i reckon the sense of achievement will still be pretty good. 

deciding to actually try this out has been a learning experience for me.  and i've discovered things bt myself tat i haven't b4 - which was pleasantly unexpected, since i've always thot i'm a pretty self-aware person.  my body and i have been communicating better since august LOLZ - and i realised to make it thru long-distance running, it's not jus endurance, which surprisingly isn't wat i lack too much, but also other things, like posture and muscle control, which is all the more important when a blob-for-footprint person like me gets it in her head to undertake such activities.

it's also made me a bit more... flexible in re-evaluating decisions tat i've made?  or maybe... helped me take a more realistic view of the goals and targets i set for myself - it seems like i've learnt all the more to take things a little easier, a little slower: i can't run the full 10 klicks, but i'm truly halfway there, and eventually i'll prob be able to do all of it, but i dun have to rush myself.  sometimes it's also bt the getting there too :)  and when one steps back and takes a larger, longer, big-picture view, isn't the world wonderful with all its possibilities spread out in front of u?

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cuz i'm damn bo-liao and i'm having an existential crisis over my further education. i ponder pearl s. buck's 'none who have always been free can understand the terrible fascinating power of the hope of freedom to those who are not free', and keep trying to hold off making a decision >_<

流星より、月が好き = me
will fix your computer for food...haha = the sis

カナダとバスケットの為に )
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once in a while, i really really do feel i'm an awesome sis MWAHAHAHAHA.  a regular catch-up session with my financial planner has morphed into a potential job opportunity for my sis.  he's looking for talent to add to his team - my sis HAS TALENT.  he wants determined, self-driven, money-minded ppl - tat is my sis TO A T.  he's looking for ppl-oriented individuals who like to network - no one is more like tat than the sis.  she wants flexibility in her future work so she can still play ball - the job will be wat she makes of it.  she doesn't want desk work - she doesn't need to work in a cubicle.  she's graduating next year and jus wants A JOB - this is A JOB.  LOLZ.

OMG i am so excited for her, and for my future home and retirement fund *ebil cackling laughter*
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went to sing k with my colleagues yesterdae and it was lotsa fun! the OT section is really 卧虎藏龙, everyone sings so well! :) and the greatest achievement of the day was finally getting to sing '珊瑚海' properly! for once, i have met a guy who can sing jay's part without getting pulled along by me when i'm singing lara's *v-sign*

and when i got home, i came across this on youtube. THE VID of the song i almost always sing, only cuz i always want to see his amazing charisma on stage :)

and then of course, being me, i get carried away. so i found more of his stuff, as well as his supposed final performance on a concert stage - the absolutely incredible, AWESOME, INCOMPARABLE collaboration with 梅艳芳. it's sad, really. it always feels like the best ones are the 1st to go.

颠倒众生吹灰不费 收你做我的迷 )
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running.  a simple action.  most ppl do it without a 2nd thot... unless they are obese or have heart problems.  for me, running is like opening a pandora's box, the multitude of abnormalities tat pour out seems never-ending :p 

to start off, there's my flat feet, like FLAT FEET.  ppl should not come and tell me they have flat feet until they have seen my blob-like footprints.  yes, i have a blob for a footprint.  which is fine, it's genetics, wat can i do?  but then i start getting knee pain, and my sports physio colleague tells me i can't do impact activities like lindy hop or running cuz of my deviant knee tracking.  basically, my kneecap and 2nd toe can't stay in a straight line when i bend my knees due to my lack of a foot arch.

they suggest some ex and posture correction so i dun get anymore knee pain during running, and it does seem to help.  but then i develop back pain!!!  so todae, another couple of physio colleauges had a look at me.

j: hey, ur back is so flat!  where's your curve?
me: ???
j: u have no curve, omg when u bend, it's like a block.  there's no segmental movement.
me: ...o..kaay...
(another colleague comes by to join the excitement.)
j: have a look at her back!  the l3, l4, l5 sections dun move.  she's so posteriorly tilted.
c: omg yes it's jus like a broken toothpick... tat's so cool!
me: what?
c: yeah!  u're like a broken toothpick! *puts her 2 index fingers together to illustrate*  see, usually ppl's backs can move as a curve cuz of the spinal segments, but urs doesn't, it jus overbends at one spot.  BROKEN TOOTHPICK.
me: ...thanks.
j & c remain in intense academic discussion.  words like 'segmental immobility' and 'control impairment' float over.

so yes, the latest development is tat i am a BROKEN TOOTHPICK WITH A CONTROL IMPAIRMENT.  it is surely a good thing tat my self-esteem is not built on my body image or the integrity of my spine and lower limbs.

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4 years, even 2 years ago, i reckon no one would have imagined this except in fiction or the far future. but on 4th nov 2008, the future arrived. of course, we still don't noe tat things are going to be different, i dunno if my opinion of the country is going to change, but the possibility is there, and it's tat potential tat makes it exciting. a world lived in hope is always better than one shaded by cynicism and despair.

from npr.org,

though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection. )
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note to self: promising ur boss u can finish a 24-hour online course by the end of the month - NOT such a good idea. 

actually it's not that hard, but when u have REAL WORK, and additional journal articles to be read for clinical teaching to junior staff and i brilliantly left tat in SINGAPORE when i'm now in JB, and tat i'm going to on course for 2 days whee! i'm gonna learn bt individual crisis intervention so i can be a peer supporter, me - the person who got told tat she'd tell a whining suicidal to jus JUMP if tat's wat they want haha!, so yes, things are looking a bit packed :p

and then there's still my movies to watch - YES father-daughter bonding over quantum of solace!; tw dramas - grandma-granddaughter bonding over 命中注定我愛你 LOLZ; various jap dramas and variety shows cuz yes, i really really need to keep up on my japanese till i start class again next year hahaha; heaps of books! - i have 6 tat ppl lent me and maybe 60 more of my own :p  fics to read - i am SO BEHIND it's very sad...

and then u have nites out for dinner and catching up to do and KARAOKE to sing - very exciting cuz i have actually been listening to 93.3 recently and i NOE SOME NEW SONGS, i am slightly current lolz.

and technically, i'm still supposed to be training for my 10 km run next month, even tho i've been cautioned by my physio colleagues it might be better to stop since it's been giving me all sorts of back and knee problems.  still... i already paid for the registration and bought shoes and all... i have to try aniwae - the 1st and last long-distance run of my life :p

so where, WHERE am i going to squeeze out 24 hours to do another online course???  solution: i shall finish it all in one weekend!

伝説の無責任ヒーロだから。  LOLZ.
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i have a jap test, actually THE final jap test for my course tml, so wat do i do to prepare for it?  watch ueda on SCP, of course, LOLZ.  horribly irresponsible and undisciplined as tat sounds, it's actually a pretty decent gauge of how far i've come in learning the language :)  half a year ago, i was probably jus staring at the clip, picking out individual verbs or nouns but pretty much unable to assign a coherent meaning to them.  but now, tho it's still slow and i have to repeat it a couple of times, i get it now, i really get it now ^_^ 

when i'm finally laughing along with them cuz they're saying something funny, instead of scratching my head wondering wtf was the joke, i noe tat all the time and $$ i spent so did not go to waste :)
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so there are like a million dramas i've d/l sitting on my hard drive and the backlog could keep me stuck on a couch for a couple months straight, but the 1st thing i do is watch 「ありがとう、オカン」. oh, subaru, it seems like i so haven't gotten over u yet.

so i don't noe if it's cuz of the flu meds, or tat i miss the place, or if the show was really tat touching, but i was bawling, BAWLING my eyes out the entire 90 min of the show. like, seriously. it couldn't have been worse if i was pregnant and hormonally-fluctuating. i've always been a sucker for parent-child shows tho, and i guess as i get older, i become better able to see things from my parents' pov.

osaka on my mind )

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back in the halcyon days of my j-rock craze, enka was something for old ppl, something totally out of my realm of experience.  it wasn't tat it was bad, jus something i completely din't relate to.  even until recently, my definition of enka was something from the time of my parents.  then kanjani8 came along with their modern enka, and i was hooked.  a website i came across defined enka as 'songs of sweet resignation - resignation has to be sweet for it to be endurable', and it suddenly made a lot of sense.

cuz as one gets older, one ends up against various inexorable truths of life.  when one leaves home, leaves school, enters society, starts work, many of the illusions one has bt life and what it has to offer get gradually stripped away.  it doesn't mean u lose ur dreams, jus tat they become more shaped by the harsh realities of adulthood.  yet, in spite of all these disappointments, despite all those days when all u wanna do is curl up in a ball and never leave ur room, u still have to put on ur game face and brave the world out there.  and altho at the beginning of the day, u think it's impossible, tat u'll never make it - somehow, somehow, u always make it to the end of the day.  and so many of my fav eito's songs are all about tat, about not giving up in the face of uncertainty and adversity, about how it's alrite to break down at times, about the importance of the loved ones around u and how u support each other, about jus moving forward, about having faith tat u'll find a way, somehow.


まかせておくれよ 何とかなるさ )
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even tho i like to stay in my own imaginary universes, the real world still comes knocking at my door sometimes.  so, even tho i have never liked economics or finance, the world is telling me to learn

The fundamentals of the sub-prime crisis
India Business Line Daily
18th Aug 2007

Read more... )
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ugh.  2nd hand smoke is slowly killing me.  UGH.
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something utterly incredible things about clear vision:

1) i can see the time first thing in the morning.

2) i can see the fine lines and cracks along the tiles on the bathroom wall.

3) i can see the tiny little patterns painted on my toe nails.

4) i can pick up itty-bitty pieces of fallen white plastic from the while marble tiled floor

5) i can clearly see how i look in shades.


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