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i jus spent over an hour re-watching over and over a particular 4 min of the vid clip of kat-tun's appearance on hey!x3 to promote 'one drop', ostensibly to practice my japanese, but if this doesn't demonstrate my love for them, i dunno wat does :p

this, after jin announces during qop's mc tat koichi came to one of their dome performances, and kame appears on koichi's weird program and does a silly manzai-skit with him, gives me hope like nothing else for a kt appearance on doumoto kyoudai *continues to fervently hope and pray*

[translation of talk segment on hey!x3 090902, where kat-tunkame talks bt his experiences as a backdancer to kinki and jin is politically correct]

ホラ来た!!! )
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 i'm being unrealistically ambitious. all the shows i've watched so far for the spring drama season are surprisingly enjoyable. after adding 'voice', tat makes like 6 dramas i intend to follow. ちょっと無理かな。。。

- ヴォイス ~命なき者の声~: i leave [livejournal.com profile] dark3princess to introduce the awesomeness tat is this drama bt forensic medicine.  and also, eita and TOMA who is forever forever DROOLWORTHY.  but the show is definitely more than tat, it strikes a wonderful balance betwn the sobriety and humour, and the cast is very well-assembled.  looks to be the one to leave the greatest impression for me :)

- メイちゃんの執事: this was originally not on my to-watch list, but then i saw the HORDES of イケメン in the promo pic, and 佐藤健 is in it, so... :p it's so unbelievably 梦幻 and SPARKLY and the guy who was nanba-senpai is so unbelievably dreamy ♥♥♥  shows like these are so mindlessly enjoyable ^___^

- 神の雫: this was gonna be loyalty-watching cuz it's a show starring a member of kat-tun.  but kame is surprisingly adorable in the drama, and i get to learn a little more bt wine & wine-related stuff, despite the rather unrealistic plot, and 雫 is written very much like my name, so i'm partial to it, lolz.

- 必殺仕事人2009: mabo. higashiyama.  OHKURA.  i rest my case XDDD  tho after 2 sp's and episode 1, i still have NO IDEA how ohkura's weapon can kill something, it's okay, as long as he looks cool doing it :p

- 歌のお兄さん: rite, at 1st, i wanted to watch it cuz, u noe, OHNO.  plus the whole concept kinda reminds me of 'school of rock'.  and then the credits came on and i realised tat the person in the dog suit next to ohno is RYUHEI!!!!  kyaaaaa~~~~~!!!!!  lolz.  omg both maru's have dramas this season!!  ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

- RESCUE~特別高度救助隊: okay, this is one is definitely NOT loyalty-watching.  it's nakamassu!  SO VERY VERY excited.  and i love these rescue dramas.  not coming soon enuff.
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i have a jap test, actually THE final jap test for my course tml, so wat do i do to prepare for it?  watch ueda on SCP, of course, LOLZ.  horribly irresponsible and undisciplined as tat sounds, it's actually a pretty decent gauge of how far i've come in learning the language :)  half a year ago, i was probably jus staring at the clip, picking out individual verbs or nouns but pretty much unable to assign a coherent meaning to them.  but now, tho it's still slow and i have to repeat it a couple of times, i get it now, i really get it now ^_^ 

when i'm finally laughing along with them cuz they're saying something funny, instead of scratching my head wondering wtf was the joke, i noe tat all the time and $$ i spent so did not go to waste :)
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うちへ帰ったとき、今週のcartoon KAT-TUNを見ました。超面白かった!!今週の考案は未定から、メンバーがどこか遊び自分で考えるので、彼らのもっと自然の顔が見えました。やっぱりKAT-TUNが大好きですね!!

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tat's why i love fics.  it's like going to the flea market - one finds the most unexpected gems in the least likely places :)

admittedly i took chinese lit back in sec sch, but tat was more than a decade ago and i wasn't paying attention most of the time, so it's rather ironic tat now i appreciate even more the beauty and lyricism in wat i guess i call my mother tongue (which is another irony since my mother was eng-educated and can't really speak mandarin :p). 

ok, main point.  序慕容 is prob the pen name of some female poet who's apparently still alive - apart from some of the cool poems i saw on the collection, she also wrote a poem called 《七里香》, and hers was the one tat came first.  i like the style of her writing - it's simple and clear, subtle in a way, yet her passion permeates the phrases.

this particular one got to me from the 1st read-thru, prob cuz i've had an inexplicable romantic fascination from the time i learnt ‘春风不度玉门关‘.  and also, the more i read it, the more i can see jin within the lines.


and the one from the fic which got me interested in her poems:


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yes, LIPS pv!!!  i was dying of exhaustion and now my eyes can suddenly see more clearly - 目がもっとよく見る?

this is the power of kat-tun & the utter kakkoi-ness of this latest music video, i can't wait to see the making of special.  and yay!  loads of kat-tun appearances in the next 2 weeks!!

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fun link tat i copped from an episode of カートゥンKAT-TUN, hosted by my fav pretty jap boys :p

weirdly, it's not exactly off-tangent :p
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